Welcome to Creare's first annual Novel Idea Contest!

You all know about the Novel Idea posts that I love to write. The most recent can be found here (and, may I remind you to scroll down to the July 31 post so you can see what has come of A Novel Idea?). In case you are new to Creare, however, I suggest you read those posts or pay very special attention to the rules of the contest.

1) You are to write up your ideas for a story. This is a premise that you thought was great and interesting but that you personally have no prospect of ever writing. The reason you don't want to write it yourself isn't important. Could be, it isn't in your chosen genre. Could be, you don't feel you know enough about the topic to feel comfortable writing it. As long as your reason isn't that the story is stupid, the story qualifies.

2) Your write-up is basically a summary of the story, and it can be as short as a query or as long as a synopsis.

3) You may submit as many Novel Ideas as you like. Any genre is accepted.

4) The winning piece will be published here on Creare. While this is just a summary and showy creative writing isn't necessary, make it flow well and, basically, be writers so those reading the winning piece won't feel like they are reading an outline.

5)Ideas must be e-mailed to You can comment here that you sent it but no contest submission in the comment section will be read (Race doesn't like the comment format :D)

6) I'm planning that the name/username of the winner, the winning piece, and the winner's choice of a prize will all be published. But the name/username is optional.

7) This brings us to:

The Prize: The Novel Idea Contest winner will win any fictional book of his/her choice. This choice will be published (because Race doesn't want erotica on her credit card summary and hopes having the results published will encourage the winner to choose something less flashy). This prize is a single book. Books of more than one volume or series will not be awarded, though the winner can request a single book from a series or multiple-volume set.

8) Deadline for the contest is Aug. 25, 2009. The winner will be announced Monday, August 31.