Contest Results!

The end has come! I feel a mixed sense of sadness and excitement knowing I won't be able read any more entries and yet knowing I'm able to show the entry I've chosen to all of you!

I was surprised by how many entries I received for this contest, and yet it was early that I received this particular one. The author says she (yes, a she!)had never thought of writing horror (yes, horror!) but I feel it is something she should seriously look into.

Without further ado:

The Winner is:


The Prize:

Hardcover copy of The Hunger Games.

And the winning entry:

The road ahead.

The thought has provoked humanity to the edge. The seven deadly sins. No one is going to judge except Lucifer. But he carries so much baggage his opinion shouldn’t matter. Until now.

Branded as an evil spawn, Lucifer is not someone you want to cross. Nevertheless, unlike all the stories about him, his goal is not the destruction of humanity. He just wants to teach a few people some valuable lessons.
Now three students from Eastbury High are about to be acquainted with the sins. The vain cheerleader who manipulated her way through life. The jealous Emo connected to her kitchen knife in more than one way. The church girl who lives on the brick of an emotional volcanic eruption.

Each are an abomination to Humanity. They think nobody knows what they have done, they need to thing again. As they are confronted with the horror of their sins, who will survive? Most importantly, who is seeking redemption.

Humanity has more than Lucifer to fear. Three girls. One bus ride home. And a whole lot of fun. Let the games begin.

Congratulations Amna!