Random Day ~ A Challenge.

I give you... the Random Word Generator.

I ask you... can you create five sentences with each random word? Ones that make sense, are interesting, and don't involve the word "like?" (For example: "I like Randomness.")

Some examples:

I first read about the common Nighthawk on a Cornell University website.

A Google search of Aconite displays results that include both "therapy" and "poisoning."

I know what towhead means and I don't care because I'm not.

I was a little nark when I was growing up.

If Expropriation becomes a practice I'm moving out.

The Challenge: Do it better than I did (easier than you'd think). But can you create a story with them?

Edit: This is eerily similar to awesome AbsentNormality's monthly challenge. I really encourage everyone to check it out! You can find it here!