Random Day/ 100th Post!

It's Saturday!

Random Day!

And it is also... CREARE'S 100th POST! Cue the fireworks:

With crazy music of course... who doesn't like Jazz? Besides, you know, all those people...

Anywhoooo. For Random Day, I'd like to talk about carpets.

Shush yourselves. Carpets have their place in life. What do you think is holding onto your feet as you sit there with your neck twisted up, watching the firework show above? Your carpet of course. All those little fibers are holding onto you for dear life.

Carpets occurred to me on this lovely Random Day as I was sitting in church. It is actually a chapel, in the upper room of the local monastery's retreat center. This chapel was thrown together pretty quickly when the need for it came about, and there wasn't much time to, well, find the best carpet to put under the altar. Which is why there is now a very odd, old carpet underneath that has goats frolicking around the edges, strange Indian-like men riding fat horses off to the right, Dutch girls with long braids riding similarly fat horses off to the left, and a stag in the middle showing his horns off.

But if that doesn't tell you how awesome carpets are, this should:

Yes, a magic carpet. Oooh.

But wait! Don't look so doubtful! Magical flying carpets are real!

You can see why I like the idea of carpets. 1) they hold onto your feet, 2) they have cool patterns, 3) they are magical and can fly.

But, you may not want to get a carpet, if you don't already have one. Support for this opinion:

Really, it's like anything else. Don't go into anything without a lot of thought. Don't just take my word for it!