A Novel Idea

Note: In case you are new to Creare, I felt I should explain that the “A Novel Idea” posts are not stories that I am going to write. They are more like ideas, slightly fleshed out, that I’d like to see other people write. I want to see a similar book on the shelf so I can read it and see how other people who are more creative than I am could do it. See them as Novel Suggestions… perhaps I should even change the title of these posts ;)

Basic Idea: The Garden of Eden.

Here is the thing: The Garden of Eden is still here. And by this I mean here on earth. If you believe in the Bible account, Adam and Eve were kicked out… and then the entrance was guarded by an angel with a firey sword. It didn’t just disappear. And it wasn’t destroyed. Nothing so simple. ;)
I guess it was fitting that I was actually on my way to church one Sunday when I thought to myself “I wonder where the Garden of Eden actually is?” And then I thought “I wish someone would write a book about that. Maybe about finding the garden.”

Now, a big part of this story would be the “why.” Why does this character want to find the Garden of Eden?

Maybe he/she is a pathophobic who wants to find a place safe from swine flu?

Maybe he/she is being paid by a top-secret organization that is trying to find the forbidden fruit?

The possibilities are endless but, to me, whichever one is chosen is very very very important.

Now I’d imagine there are several other important aspects to the story. First, where is the garden and why, in a world surrounded by satellites and cameras, hasn’t it been found before? (Conspiracy!). Secondly, once there is a general idea of where it is and the quest (filled with difficulties that need overcoming of course) is over, how do you get past the firey sword?

And whenever there is a conspiracy there is a conspiracy to shut down the conspiracy. Trust me on that!

Someone write about the Garden of Eden! Race wants to read!