A Novel Idea (not mine)!

Awesome AbsentNormality recently spoke to me about a brilliant idea she had. I've got to tell you that I'm so excited about it. I was practically jumping out of my chair when I first heard. She has decided to take the concept of my last "Novel Idea" post, here, and turn it into something amazing.

First of all, you have to check out her new blog, F.I.C Writes, which is going to be her "writing blog" (for lack of better description on my part). Here she mentions the new project...

She will be writing the story from the Novel Idea post from July 9th! And she is letting others contribute too! Now, you can suggest a character. Just fill out the little form she has on F.I.C Writes (you can either comment there or find her on AW to send her the filled-out form).

And of course check out her great teasers from Teaser Tuesday as well as her monthly challenges!

Oh, man, I'm so excited. :D