Random Day ~ strange titles.

This Random Day post may attract the bookish ones from amongst Creare's faithful readers...
Yeah, David, mine are faithful too! ;)
... because I'm about to do some title dropping.

The Randomest, strangest book titles I've seen, along with author names so you can rush out and buy these. ;)

"How Green were the Nazis," edited by Franz-Josef Bruggemeier, et al.

"Fancy Coffins to make yourself," by Dale L. Power.

"Living with Crazy Buttocks," by Kaz Cooke.

"Strip and Knit with Style," by Mark Hordyszynski.

"Dave Barry's Stay Fit and Healthy until You're Dead," by none other than... Dave Barry.

"I have a Bed made of Buttermilk Pancakes," by Jaclyn Moriarty.

Come to think of it, these books have their place. Look them up, you may like to know how to build a Coffin...

And one random pic. I'm sort of dying to eat this:

Anyone else have a crazy book title they've read or heard?