Random Day ~ Lollipops!

I am so bad. I don't know why any of you keep reading! Here, I promise a Random Day posting every Saturday. There has been no Random Day post for a month! At least, not really. And then I tell you I will post on Sunday, but what happens? I don't! I tell you, I am a cruel cruel woman who should maybe write her blog posts a few days ahead. Just to be on the safe side!

Anyway, today I will write the Random Day post that I should have written yesterday (actually, Saturday). Today, I want to blog about lollipops.

To those readers who love horses, you may be interested to know that lollipops were named after a race horse! Lolly Pop was a race horse from about 1908, the year George Smith created the candy in Connecticut.

The worlds largest lollipop was cherry flavored and weighted 4031 pounds (that included the stick). It was 15 feet tall with the stick and nearly 19 inches thick. Some little girl was very happy...

I love Lollies!

Anyway, to complete this random post about lollipops, I give you this video. Now, you can make them at home! (And it is easier than you'd think... just be careful!).