Last night the awesome ladies of AW and I got together for a Friday Night Write. Sadly, this is Friday "night" on the American side of the pond, so a lot of my friends from Europe were fast asleep as I was typing away. Yes. That is sad. :( Anywho, I got 2000 words written before collapsing in exhaustion at 2 AM (I had to start late since I saw a movie). Then, thi morning at 6 AM I got up to go tour a college that I might be transferring to. It was a great visit, and it encouraged me to definitely apply, at the very least.

But it was exhausting. I just got back home and now I really need some sleep. But today is Random Day! And you are alive to enjoy it, Race!

I know. I know. But I feel that the Random Day post will be better if I put it off... just until tomorrow! Can you wait? Pretty please?