I'm baaaaaack!

Wow. It has been way too long since I last posted. What is wrong with me?!!!

And now this post will take some time to write because So You Think You Can Dance is on... I love this show.

Anywho, the reason I haven't been posting can be explained in one word. College. Math degrees are, apparently, hard to get. The work itself would be fun if there wasn't so much of it, but doing 40 questions a day, not including the written assignments, is annoying! And those written assignments! Who would have thought that there would be papers in a math course?!

I'm sure all my professors had a meeting. They got together in some posh conference room, pulled up my file on their fancy laptops, and said to each other: "This Rachel, let's make her life difficult, shall we? We'll make sure she never has time to write fiction again."

Er... that was a nice way of putting what I'm sure they were saying.

I tell you this. Don't mention your love of fiction in a college application essay. It will turn them against you!

Well, this post was basically about nothing, but I'll try to blog again soon and not forget Random Day!

Race, loving So You Think You Can Dance...