Crazy me

Today, I started to type “Airhead” into my google search box. Airhead is a book by Meg Cabot that I picked up at the library a few days ago and fell in love with. This sort of surprises me, considering that I had no really really strong attractions to the Princess Diaries books or her other series. But I’m going to purchase this book soon, along with its sequel (out now! *fangirl squeal*).

But I digress.

The point is that, when I typed in the “A” Google automatically prompted me to click on one of my past searches. It was “agave.”

When had I searched for “agave?” And what was “agave” anyway?

Turns out it is a plant that is used as a natural sweetener. And I Googled it because it was in Turtle Mountain dairy free frozen dessert (ice cream without cream because with cream it isn’t dairy free).

So I decided to write in “B.” The result?

British union of fascists.

At this point, I was intrigued. And so I continued.

Since I have nothing better to do, I thought I’d post the list here. I think there is a lot you can tell about a person based on their Google searches, and I want my readers to know everything about me, of course. You deserve to view my crazy...

A. Agave – plant used as sweetener in natural foods (because cane sugar isn’t natural enough.
B. British Union of fascists… kind of what it sounds like
C. Cheesecake with chocolate shavings and raspberry sauce – someone on AbsoluteWrite said something about this and I just had to Google it for pics (as far as I know, good pics of this cheesecake don’t exist. *cries*).
D. Disparage: definition – I believe I was looking for a different way of saying this word so I wasn’t accused of plagiarism.
E. Egg-free cookie recipes – just ‘cause.
F. Facebook username – I have one of those now. I feel very cool for some reason.
G. Goodreads – if you are a writer, or a book-lover of any kind, you need to Google this and check out the site. Sign up today!
H. Hulu – what can I say? Nothing wrong with free TV shows. But however humorous the commercials are I really think there is a conspiracy there.
I. I am a galley slave to pen and ink - Honoré de Balzac quote that totally explains me.
J. Jimmie Johnson – NASCAR driver. Needs no introduction.
K. Kinni-toos vanilla cream cookies (piccy below) – best cookies in the world! (If you are gluten-intolerant like me, you will love them even more).
L. Lollipops! – possibly because I wrote a blog post on them.
M. Maria Agnesi/Witch of Agnesi – Google this, it is awesome (I’m a math geek).
N. Natural Gas in Pennsylvania – the evil doers who are determined to take the natural gas from under my feet don’t care if my water is ruined. Evil doers are evil.
O. Original “I’m too sexy” video (vid below) – another entry that needs no introduction. Honestly, this song is… *sigh*
P. Pyzam blogger templates – what do you guys think? Time to mix it up?
Q. Quadratic formula – I’m going to say “math” and “geek” again.
R. Rise of the Western World – Economic history assignment. Got an A on that. Yay!
S. St. Augustine settlement – American history assignment. Hasn’t been graded yet. *bites nails*
T. The Van Buren Boys – as in, the Seinfeld episode. Elaine has hilarious lines in this episode about being a writer. If you can find this episode anywhere, watch it!
U. Uno Restaurant – they have a gluten free menu! As in, like, pizza!
V. Virginity Club (the) – Kate Brian book that I’m incredibly jealous of because that is the perfect title for my current work in progress.
W. Witch of Agnesi equation – not to be confused with Witch of Agnesi on its own.
X. Does anyone Google anything that starts with X?
Y. Yodeling – don’t ask.
Z. Zoey (name meaning) – I used to have a puppy named Zoey. I believe I’ve mentioned her before. A Jack Russell who we had to get rid of because she was nuts. Nuts! Zoey, in case you want to know, means “life”.

Aren’t I boring?

Here are the gorgeous Kinni-toos cookies!

And here is the mix of I’m too Sexy! Hilariouuuuuuuuuuuuuuus.