When your writing gets you down...

I'm at a place right now where I hate (and, I repeat, hate) everything I've written in the past six months. This doesn't sound right, or that is too passive, or my MC doesn't have a voice. Anything you can think of, I have a problem with it in my work in progress (from here on out in this little rant, this will be referred to as WIP). I don't know if it is becaused I've edited too much today. Or maybe that I haven't taken a break to just read a little published work lately. Maybe I just need to relax.

Or maybe, just maybe, my writing is awful.

Maybe, just maybe, no amount of editing will fix my WIP.

Maybe, just maybe, there is no point.

I'm assuming this happens to all writers. It has to a few I know... but that doesn't make me feel any better. Neither does the knowledge that I'll probably be out of this "phase" tomorrow. I want to love my writing and love my characters and love the plot... all of it. I want to love the package that I'll be shopping around to agents in, hopefully, two or three months.

And yet that seems like an impossible goal right now.