Random Day ~ Starships

In honor of my learning about Forces in my physics class today, I'm reposting an old Random Day that I love quite dearly.
May the Force be with you!



Today I decided that since we have no idea what it is like "out there," starships could really and truly exist.
If you believe that I'll tell you another one...
No, in all seriousness, starships could exist. I mean, rockets do. Why not stay up there? Stop, smell the roses (stars). If not now, then in the future. Yeah.
I am, of course, a big fan of the starships from the movies....

Like this one from Star Trek.
But, really, I bet they are less fancy. People (or whatever they call themselves out there) are probably so determined to survive in their ships that they don't care how cool they look. It is like making sure the house is at least leak-proof and wind resistant before planting flowers around it and buying the ornamental benches.

Maybe we should add "firey cloud resistant" to that list.
But, before I go on and on.... we really need to take a look at this chart. Because it will tell you all you need to know about starship size. Because when it comes to starships, size matters

I personally would feel safest in one of the big ones.

And, now I will go on and on.

I have several question about starships. It all comes down to one big one, really. Is it exactly like the movies say? Is the food odd looking (and, probably, odd smelling and tasting)? Can we just walk around without our big space suits on? Why is there apparently no problem with gravity on a starship, versus a spaceship?

And while we're on the subject, why are the aliens in films so often portrayed as a more superior race, come to take over us weak human beings. I mean, their brains might be huge, but they have yet to learn to clothe themselves properly and often look like they are starving (I have no interest in seeing their ribs).

Ah, well. you probably think they don't exist anyway. But wait! Here is proof... they are closer than you think.