New Semester!

Hello all. You probably don't know me, but Race has told me no one will feel put out by my posting here today. I am Mr. Hap P. Owl and I have some information to post for Race.

Race is happy to announce that her second semester, a summer semester, will be starting May 11. This gives Race two more days to get through before she'll be busy again.

Now, one would think Race would like the break. But Race has often commented on how she prefers to be busy. One can only watch so many movies so I am inclined to agree with her.

She asked me to announce this for her since she is afraid to upset you. Even when I assured her that you all know she will not be too busy to blog, she still asked me to do this for her. But I don't like to ramble on and I'll sign off now. But first, best wishes to Race on her new semester.
Mr. Hap P. Owl