Random Day ~ Vacuums.

The ART of vacuuming. That is the phrase I found when I decided to google vacuuming today. Apparently it is an art form, although it is one that makes me run screaming from the room whenever the "artists" are at work.

Yes. I am afraid of vacuums. Well, not exactly. More like, I hate noise. And these things are LOUD. So... I tend to avoid them, to say the least.

Today, my mother decided to vacuum. This was a completely random thing. We never clean in this house. Never. Never ever. I can't stress that enough. My mother would probably like to but she works full time and doesn't like to spend her weekend picking up after us. As for me: I'm very much a "why clean it if it will just get dirty again?" type of person.

So, if you have romantic thoughts about me, you may want to reevaluate your position. You can marry me, but you'll be living in the equivalent of a pig sty. I say this publicly to attest to its truth...

Anyway. Struck by the randomness of this cleaning, I googled vacuuming. And I found some great thingies.

First, this article tells you how YOU (yes, even YOU) can turn your dreaded chore into an artistic challenge. I think it does, anyway, based on the title. I couldn't actually read it, my throat kind of closed up... And this article will even tell you about the 8 myths of this artistic work.

Secondly, I give you this photo, to show you the inner workings of this beloved piece, the majestic equal of a brush or pen...

And, finally, a video. Enjoy.