Random Day ~ Stomping.

I have a cold. Or, at least, the beginnings of a cold. As I sit here I am wondering if my throat feels worse than before. Will it get worse tomorrow? Or will it get better and be a silly little two-day thing?

Let's hope for the latter!
But, since this is Random Day (and, I know, no one really cares about my colds) I will move on.

Stomp. It is defined in the Free Online dictionary as "to tread or trample heavily or violently on." I wish I could stomp my cold. But, trust me, that thought just occurred to me. The idea of stomping came upon me quite suddenly and randomly, rest assured.

Here is a story about a man who "allegedly" stomped on some kittens in a parking lot. :( What kind of person would do such a thing? For that matter, what kind of person would harm any animal (I'm looking at you, horse slaughterers...)? It certainly explains why the word "violent" is in that definition.

Now. Our selection of pictures (hopefully they will make up for the not-so-interesting-Random-Day-posting that is due to this cold).

You could stomp in those.

Not so much those.
This guy has issues: