A Writer's Day

Today was a day of writer drama. It was a day of writerly insecurities, WIP (Work in Progress) hatred, and emergency hot cocoa.

I shall start at the beginning.

Tuesday, March 17 (St. Patrick's Day), Year 2009.

8:30 AM. I get out of bed and eat breakfast, egg/ham/cheese sandwich (gluten free) and coffee. At this point I am full of hope for the day. Today, March 17, is the first day of WIP "minor editing."

8:45 AM. I put my horse, Cutter, out in his field and feed him, telling him all the while what a fantastic editing day it is going to be.

9:00 AM. I get out the pages of manuscript that I am to edit. I have it calculated. If I edit this many pages a day then the first round of minor edits will be finished in ten days. Then another round of edits... and then on April 1st it will be ready for betas (if you don't know what they are: it is basically a person who reads your work when you need some extra eyes, and offers suggestions).

9:10 AM. With a tall glass of cool water (my favorite beverage), I finally sit down in my nice clean room at the nice new desk my mother got me for Christimas last year. The pages are in front of me. I have my trusty blue pen at my side. I'm prepared to be ruthless.

10:00 AM. I hate writing. I hate writing so much I don't know why I started doing this. Maybe I should quit. Maybe I should just get my degrees in math and economics and get a real job.

10:01 AM. ... and read in my spare time.

10:15. AM. I get away from the desk. I take a little walk around the room. I'm hungry. It is so long until lunch.

10:17 AM. I go online and play around on different blogs and writer's forums. I play (and lose) a game of chess against the all-knowing Dell.

11:00 AM. I have only edited ten pages. I have so many more to do today. I tell myself my writing isn't all that bad and that if I can finish for today everything will be grand tomorrow. I start to edit again.

11:30 AM. I cheat. I eat lunch early. I go downstairs and I make myself a cheeseburger.

11:45 AM. Long Live Cheeseburgers!

12:01 PM. A minute after noon I tell myself that I was supposed to be done by now. But I still have five pages.

12:30 PM. I hate writing. I will never write again. I will never get anywhere with this silly talent anyway and everyone should be laughing at me for trying because it is stupid that I even thought I could write something interesting.

12:32 PM. I need hot chocolate.

12:40 PM. More editing. I am falling asleep at my own work. Or maybe because I always fall asleep when I'm upset. It is a most annoying habit at times.

1:00 PM. I decide to blog. And here I am, blogging. I need to edit.