Random Day ~ Pinecones!

It is Saturday! Random Day! Everyone party!

Now, I'm supposed to be writing my young adult work in progress, since I am determined to be done with some major rewrites with the story by Monday. But I thought since it is almost lunch time (half hour? About) I could take a break and post for Random Day. It is not like I could skip our second and oh so vulnerable Random Day and post on... Monday. No! Besides, that day is set aside for AbsentNormality's challenge response.

Our Randomness for today? Pinecones.
Last, it was eggs. And I can tell you that was completely random. Now, I don’t know why the word “Pinecones” hit me as I began to write this post but it did. And that is the beauty of Random Day.

I will tell you a story, first. I remembered it after I thought “pinecones.” Nothing like staring at the Blogger posting page to help us remember stories! It is about a girl named Race with golden hair (when she was younger. It got darker but she refuses to look at it in the mirror now so she isn’t sure what color it finally reached), who likes to walk around her property on a nice day. So much so that at one point she created a path under some pine trees out front. It looked a bit like a NASCAR track, just smaller, and it was just a path of dirt surrounded by the thick green grass of the lawn. Anyway, before I start describing the trees and the bench and the flowers, I’ll get to the good part. One day, while Race was walking, an evil squirrel that had inhabited a pine tree for years began to throw pinecones at her head. Now, the path is never used and the grass is growing back.

(Who? Me?)
(Yes. You.)

Needless to say, after hearing this story I decided that pinecones were the weapons of the evil doers. Poor Race. I don’t know why I want to blog about them. But I can’t just skip over something I thought randomly. We wouldn’t have Random Day if that were possible.

So, for Random Day, I will accept that I have to blog about pine cones, and so here is a post, complete with pics, for the pinecones. Instead of praising them or talking about them in any flattering way, I will tell you how to USE them. Yes, use them. Be mean about it, too!

A list of crafts you can do with the evil pinecones. List.

And, since I had more than just one silly pic in the last Random Day posting... feast your eyes on these...

Aren't they evil looking?
Have a great rest-of-the-weekend!