The Poll Is Over, But We Will Survive.

Well, the poll has closed. All that excitement! Sadly, over. But we must prevail. We must overcome our depression. There will be another poll sometime soon.

Promise. Hand over heart promise.

I'd like to post the results since, while this post will exist forever, the closed poll will be deleted from the layout as soon as I publish this (Yes, you can cry a little. But just a little, because we must be positive and survive this).

The Winner: Creare's readers eat chocolate cake with milk. I cannot tell you how excited I am about this. This has been my favorite way to eat chocolate cake since I knew what chocolate cake was. I used to think it was just me (and my older brother) and that I was... odd. But now I know differently and I just might be able to leave my house again soon.

The Loser: Those who have never eaten vegetables. Which goes to show that Creare's readers eat their vegetables. Which further proves that Creare's readers are healthy intelligent beings who know what antioxidants are. YAY for you all! I am so proud! Hugs for all!

Note: I would also say they know what lycopene is but that is considered to be found in tomatoes and tomatoes are a fruit not a vegetable. I'm glad I remembered that at the last minute. Otherwise, I'd have some interesting comments down below, I'm sure. :)

Other than the poll I would like to tell you that AbsentNormality has her March monthly challenge here, and that I'll be posting my entry on Creare in a day or two. If you read her post you will also see that I was mentioned for my beauty and creativity (yes, yes just check and see) and I thank you dearly AbsentNormality for singing my praises so boldly. ;)

(also, I promise to keep it short this time. Yes, yes I do).

So, head over there to see her own excellent posting and maybe accept her challenge! They are always well designed and great fun!