Where is the new Hitler?

He is just around the corner….
A few of you probably know this. But before I give my opinions I’d like to explain how a certain thing we are all sort of experiencing now helped Hitler come to power. What is this thing? Read on… it’s good.

Hitler was smart enough to know he couldn’t just march on Berlin and take over. It would be a violent revolution he had no chance to win without support. So, long story short, he went out to get that support, giving speeches and winning public approval. The Nazi party, however, was very small and wasn’t given that much notice.

Until… wait for it… Wall Street crashed. The American Great Depression hit Germany hard, leading to massive unemployment. People began to take notice of the Nazi party, seeing it as an alternative to the failing parties they already had.

So, that said, we can see where I’m coming from. Somewhere in the world there is some person waiting for the right moment to take over. Some say Barack Obama is only president now because of the economic collapse. That voters thought he’d handle the recession better than McCain. Not that I’m saying he’ll take over the world. I’m just using this story to illustrate how recessions really can bring us new leaders.

But America isn’t the only country affected by recession, not nearly. So, I say, we need to keep an eye on up and coming politicians in every country in economic uncertainty. They really can’t be trusted.

I feel a story idea hitting me. A futuristic novel (two, three years from now) about recessions and political intrigue…

I’m sure it’s been done. :)