Quick Update

What I have been doing this past half hour, instead of blogging:

Ate an orange. Yummy.

Got Bella (the puppy from my last post) to go up the stairs on her own. So proud. Good girl, Bella!

Typed "hot dog content inflationary pressure" as a Google search. I am not insane.

And, finally, thought deeply about a serious topic. Why is it that, in movies, when the main character is poor and goes to an expensive restaurant, they always order a hamburger? Don't they know by now that ordering a hamburger is a cheap thing to do? And, for that matter, those waiters are always standing there looking bewildered. Where do waiters come from, that they don't know what a hamburger is?

But a new Novel Idea post is coming soon, so don't worry. I will not be posting such ramblings often.

(I hope).