A Novel Idea!

I was inspired by the discussion of waiters for this story. I'm sure it has totally been written before (and I can only be so original as I type away coming up with things as I go!), but I hope you enjoy.

Novel idea (could also work for short story?):

This is a little sad, so don’t read forward unless you feel comfortable with sad stories.

Character: A waiter. A single father (stereotype but I want you people to cry!), trying to make a little extra money, serves wine and gourmet servings too small to feed a mouse long into the evening while he’d rather be out playing catch with his son (or daughter, but daughters don’t always play catch… your call). But these are tough economical times, and he wants to buy his kid shoes (too drastic? The writer can change it.)
The Setting: a restaurant. Dim light, gorgeous hostesses, personable chefs who are only mean when he spills the special sauce on the wealthy diners.
The girl: She has blond hair that is never combed. She is wearing jeans and beat up sneakers along with a wrinkled t-shirt. She wears glasses and hates contacts. She shows up to deliver flowers. She is a little depressed, looking down (emotionally down, of course).
The plot: Tragic romance. Waiter falls in love. He follows her around, stalking her, wishing he could talk to her but knowing he is no good for her. He watches her as she unknowingly goes about her lonely life, seeming to get more and more depressed.
The sad part: One day, he is serving dinner to the restaurants wealthiest patrons and he sees that one is reading a newspaper. Absentmindedly reading the headlines as he serves, he reads news that will shake his very existence (cliché?). The girl he has loved and followed so long is dead. Suicide, with a note addressed to no one, since she says in said note that no one will care.
He spills the special sauce, gets fired, is kicked out of his apartment and has to settle for a dirty two room hovel on the far side of town, searching for another job. His son becomes a drug addict and eventually commits murder, and is sent to prison for life.

The point of the story: Go after what you want. And, also, waiters should eat hamburgers because hamburgers are brain food (you never know what is in the special sauce).

I told you it was sad. :)