Inanimate Object POV

AbsentNormality, one of Creare's loyal readers, has an interesting monthly challenge on her blog that I thought I'd take on. She's a million times better at it then I am, but I thought I'd post my attempt here, anyhow.

I suggest you check her posts out or maybe go here, the AbsoluteWrite thread about this month's challenge. You will discover writing that will reassure you after your faith in creativity is shaken by the following:

The challenge: To write a paragraph (or two, in my case) from the POV (point of view) of an inanimate object.

I love the spinning. The twirling so fast I couldn’t catch sight of my label in a mirror if I wanted to. Some get dizzy, but I never have. Had I been a human, I would be the type who loved those things called roller coasters. I guess that is why I was so terrified when I started stalling. My friends had talked about it before, but I never listened. I was too shiny and new to care about how it felt to be stopped so suddenly from our kind of speed; or dragged along a sticky mess or almost invisible collection of dirt. I was na├»ve. And there I was. Sitting on that desk, alone, waiting to see what would happen. I couldn’t stand to be thrown away. Life had just begun, and I could not imagine spending the rest of it in a pile of garbage, never to spin again.
I couldn’t hear, since I don’t have ears like the humans. Being picked up from the desk top was a complete surprise. I was smothered in a damp, red towel, rubbed and dried, and then we were walking. I was swinging by the person’s side. And then I felt the snap, and I knew I was fit snugly into my favorite place again. I heard the slight buzz as I started to rotate slowly, and then faster and faster. If I had lips they would have been smiling. If I had arms I would have throw them up in the air to feel the rush. I was back, and the ride was as smooth as ever.