I've got to tell you people: I love polls. As a matter of fact, I can't tell you just how much I love polls. So I think I'll start a poll here at Creare. Once you've finished reading this post, head to the right. There is a poll about... polls.

You might think this idea for poll was born from my personal love of polls. That I want to see if people love polls as much as I do. But this is only partially true. The whole truth is that I love polls, and I wanted to have a poll. And polling about polls was the only thing I could think of. Basically, I'm not as creative as I would like.

Anyone with any ideas for polls, please leave them in the comments section! You can comment anonymously here at the Creare if you feel your poll idea is lacking. :) But trust me, no poll is lacking in my opinion. Just look at what I came up with...
Pass the word: Please Poll!